Qingdao Resources

The first time I arrived in Qingdao to live, I was confused as ever. Fortunately, there are some English resources out there that help any expat get acclimated:


First, ditch your Nokia phone and get a smartphone.  I’m one to talk, it took me forever to free myself of my beloved LG  with perfect keyboard.  Though JP was even worse with his old rotary phone (j/k..sorta).

Qingdao resources

But when you do, then get a data plan and upload WeChat.  I can’t believe how it’s taken over Qingdao, and soon – the WORLD.   It’s how most of us communicate since calling is just SOOO tedious.


The Redstar Magazine

The Redstar is a great resource on  what’s happening in Qingdao.  When I first arrived, I collected as many previous issues I could find then booked marked all the interesting things to do and see.  Their website has some info, but it’s better to pick up an issue of the magazine at one of the western restaurants around town or the International schools.  Also follow their WeChat to receive daily updates:

redstar qingdao magazine


Qingdao Mamas

The Qingdao Mamas Yahoo! Group is probably one of the best resources out there for all questions you may have.  It’s the “Craigslist” in Qingdao.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a “Mama” to join as just about every Expat uses this message board to find everything from furniture, to an Ayie, to restaurant suggestions, meet-up groups, etc..  Click the link below, and request to be added to the group:


Got other suggestions?  Please comment below!


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