Weekly and Monthly Meetup Groups


Every Wednesday from 10:45 onward, Expats meet up at Maan Coffee on the corner of Zengcheng Lu and Aomen Lu, near Yandao Guoji.  Some weeks there are only a few of us, and some weeks there are as many as 30!  If you get there at 10:45 and no one is there just wait around a bit and likely others will show up!



Also there is a monthly lunch organized by Natasha at Qingdao Mamas.  She always manages to get an amazing set menu for the group at a great deal.  Request to be added to Qingdao Mamas Yahoo group for more information:




Qingdao trash to treasure

Resident Expat, Cat Kung, plans these fantastic monthly Trash to Treasure parties.  Each month different items are traded  – from jewelry, clothing, kid’s items, books, etc.

*Item is new or gently used.   Bring items that you would want to bring home with you.  Please do not bring if they are worn out, torn, or not in decent shape.
*The more items you bring, the more you can trade.
*Please bring fruit or treat to share.  Drinks will be provided.
*Even if you have one book to swap you should come!  It’s a fun way to meet people!
*Any remaining books will be donated to the Dongxi&More shop.
for more info – please join the Qingdaomamas group


Dongxi & More is a second hand shop that offer gently used clothing, household items, toys, books, and more, while all proceeds go to charity!    The shop will also be open every third Monday and Thursday of the month.

They are also always looking for donations, so if you have any things in your house that are looking for a new home, please consider our shop! Please contacting them if you are interested in donating.

ISQ School Bright Start ECC address:
4th Floor, Yamai Shancheng Building #15, Qingda San Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong

for more info – please join the Qingdaomamas group



PLAYTIME is a playgroup for expat parents and little ones (1 to 3 year olds).
It is held at ISQ Bright Start every Monday OR Thursday, 9.30-11am
It is a time to make a craft together, sing together, play together and make new friends! PLAYTIME is offered twice a week but they ask you to choose one of these days to come. They run the same schedule both days. If you would like more details or you would like to be added to their mailing list please contact:
Natasha Tapley (ntapley@isqchina.com)




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