The Ceramic Guy Under the Stairs

"Shima, Where the heck did you get your plates?!@  I LOVE THEM!@@!#"  
"My Ceramic Guy.  Under the stairs."

…AND SHE WASN’T KIDDING.   There really IS a”Ceramic Guy Under the Stairs.”

Tadahhh! We found him!
Tadahhh! We found him!

Qingdao shopping_under the stairs3a

Actually more like the Ceramic Guys is Under, On, and All-over the stairs!

Got some time to kill?  There are tons of vendors here selling just about everything.  This place is random, raw, a hot mess, and totally out there. Totally up my alley!   You gotta dig, but we found some pretty cool stuff there.


Qingdao shopping_under the stairs4b
Flowers, plants, wicker baskets…
Qingdao shopping_under the stairs6b
These flowers were gorgeous, I thought they were fake, but they weren’t!


Qingdao shopping_under the stairs7b
Just what your honey has been looking for…a bouquet of plastic bears.


From wooden bird cages, to beautiful straw and rattan bags, to tiny house plants:

You can come up with some nice gift ideas:

Qingdao shopping_under the stairs8aIt may be hard to tell, but this guy actually had one of kind, interesting plates, vases and jewelry.  More pricey then some of the other vendors, but really beautiful stuff.  Sorry, I was too busy looking to take more picts!

Qingdao shopping_under the stairs11

So where oh where is this place? Here you go:

Qingdao shopping - under the stairsb

I will eventually update this blog with the name of this place in Pinyin and the address.  In the meantime, if you show this pict to the taxi, he can get you there!

Happy Shopping!




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