Qingdao Veggie and Fruit Market, Maidao Lu

I love the fresh produce in China.  When I left our little farm village in Haiyang, I was so bummed to not be close to a fruit and veggie market…Until my friend Sherine took me to the Maidao Lu Vegetable and Fruit market! I actually just made up that name. I’m not sure what the real name is, but it’s what I call it because it’s off of Maidao Lu and Haikou Lu. But if it wasn’t for Sherine, I never would have found it because it’s really hidden. So here are the directions to get to it:

If you are on Mai Dao Lu, turn onto Haikou Lu.  One side of the Haikou lu street is a residence and the other side is a whole bunch shops.  Be on the side of the shops. Look for this entrance.  It’s a gate to a community, but you can go right through it:

1_IMG_20160301_134332The entrance is between this store:

3_IMG_20160301_134346 And this restaurant:   2_IMG_20160301_134328

Walk pass this laundry / cleaners store:


You’ll pass this garage – But be careful! Cars blaze out of here.


Keep walking until you see the playground, then turn left


The playground is impossible to miss.

6_IMG_20160301_132800 Walk down this small street:

7_IMG_20160301_132803Hello to Snow White

8_IMG_20160301_132830Go around the bend, in this is the building –9_IMG_20160301_132834

You made it!10_IMG_20160301_132847

And here you are!  The Maidao Lu Fruit and Vegetable market in Qingdao:

IMG_20160301_132912It’s raw, it’s dirty, it’s gritty- and I love it.




Do you see what I see?


Hello Péng Yǒu!  Wow, that doesn’t look very comfortable or clean, but you have a good attitude!


More veggies


Seasonal fruit




They’ll even juice fruit for you – and it seemed pretty clean…well…relatively speaking.

Qingdao Expat Fruit and Vegetable market maidao lu

Chinese Tortillas!  They were pretty good for 10 rmb!

Qingdao Expat China Fruit and Veggie market Mai dao lu

Butchered meat – beef, pork, chicken, lamb – it’s all here



Various tanks of crustaceans and fresh fish

Qingdao Expat China Fruit and Veggie market Mai dao lu


Baby octopus and calamari


weird slimy creatures…kids love seeing it


And cooking, kitchen supplies


And the above was just HALF of the market.  The rest of the market has spices, rice, eggs, prepared foods, and a ton of other stuff.

Have fun!

Jacq from Qingdao Expat Survival Guide

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  1. Thanks Jacqueline, a lot of people talk about it… I always say : i want to go ! And now i know where it is! Yepppp

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