Haiyang Farmers Market – Qingdao Day Trip

When I was kid, I practically lived on the Borman farm in Lorain, Ohio. Susie and I became best friends in the 5th grade and were inseparable. Mr. Borman taught us how to feed the pigs, pick ripe produce, stitch up a wounded cat, and not worry about dirt under our fingernails. Mrs. Borman taught me how to sell on the market, count change back, handle customers with a smile (even the ornery ones), and pack up the market at the end of the day. The Borman’s market, an open stand of full of fresh, clean, healthy produce. From that point on, anywhere in the world I traveled to or lived at, I always visited farmer markets. That homey, country feel always reminds me of my summers on the Borman farm.

Borman farm Ohio farmers market china qingdao haiyang
Mom with Mr. Borman
Borman farm Ohio farmers market china qingdao haiyang
Mrs. Borman and mom on the Borman farm

Farmer markets got posher the more popular they became with live music, pony rides, petting zoos, perfectly wrapped gift items, freshly made baked goods and even morning cocktails.  From the Pacific Palisades in LA to Union Square in NYC, it’s like a festive, county fair and the perfect weekly event for the whole family.

farmers market Qingdao Expat
Pacific Palisades Farmers Market
farmers market Qingdao Expat
The Grove in LA

But then we moved to stix in China.  Haiyang that is.

Haiyang farmers market qingdao china

So much for those sexy little farmer markets with celebrity sightings, gourmet treats, and perfectly organized picket fence style stalls.  That feeling of walking into a good ol’ Bob Evans restaurant was as far back as Ohio.

Haiyang Farmer Market Qindgdao expat
Crazy crowded market day in Haiyang China

After getting over the “ick” factor, I actually looked forward to going to the market on a weekly basis. It’s the real deal, how the locals live, the nitty- gritty. The market is so provincial that it’s not even based on the normal fiscal calendar. You can’t simply say, “See you next Wednesday!” to your favorite vendor.

haiyang qingdao farmers market expat

It’s based on the Chinese lunar calendar.  Fellow expat Jeff explained to me, “Today is July 13th, 2016.  On the Chinese lunar calendar it is the 10th day of the 6th month. This particular Haiyang market is when the date ends on either a 4 or 9. Therefore, market day was yesterday or will be next Sunday (the 14th day). This year (2016), Chinese New Years started for us on February 8th 2016.”

Confused? Me too, which is why I just simply ask my Ayi or Jeff when the next market day is.

Vendors wake up early to set up for the crowds.

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao expat China

Tons of people, motorbikes, trucks, cars, and anything else that can fit, shuffle their way through. I’ve never brought my my kids here in fear of them being trampled.

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao expat China

Fresh pork just sitting out in the summer heat.

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao expat China

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao expat

Looking for pork fat?

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao expat China

Plenty of dried fish and shrimp

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao Shandong


Haiyang veggie market Qingdao expat China

Fresh seafood everywhere

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao expat


Haiyang veggie market Qingdao expat life

Haiyang Farmer Market Qingdao Expat Wow, this does not look appetizing

Haiyang Farmer Market Qingdao Expat

Just watch where you are walking, cause look what I almost stepped on:

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao roadtrip

Yup – the carcass of a goat

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao roadtrip

They leave it out with the hooves so you know it’s the real deal, since you never know…

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao

And in case you do want to know what it can possibly be, check out these disturbing images.  I’m separating the picts from this post, because…well, it’s really upsetting, and my vegetarian friends would never visit my blog again.

Roasted chicken for dinner?  This is as fresh as it can get.  More on the step by step guide on how to kill your chicken and eat it too!

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao China


Fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers themselves simply layed out on tarp.

Qingdao day trip Haiyang veggie market


Haiyang veggie market Qingdao day trip

Anything and everything here from household goods to even jewelry

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao roadtrip          or the latest Haiyang fashion

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao China

Plants, shoes, you name it – it’s here

Haiyang veggie market Qingdao roadtripUntil the next market day (ending in a 4 or 9)!

Jacq from Qingdao Expat Survival Guide

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  1. well, this veg-head tried to look at the disturbing pics, but the link isn’t working. please fix so i can gross myself out accordingly. and, yeah, i stopped my “farmer’s market” excursions the minute i found out i was pregnant.

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