The waterpark next door – Haiyang, China

I was never a big water park fan growing up. We had Cedar Point, The Rollercoaster Capital of the World 1 & 1/2 hours away in Toledo, Ohio, so I found no reason to get the same thrill while wet and cold. My Filipino mom probably had something to do with that as well. Armed with her signature black hat and plenty of bags, she batted off every UV ray that dared come close to her porcelain skin. She frequented our local Drug Mart looking for skin whitener (mind you, this was in the 80s) and balked at the idea of skin bronzer. So any opportunity to bring my sister and me to a water park was avoided at all costs.

CedarPoint Gemini - Qingdao China Expat

CedarPoint Gemini - Qingdao China Expat
Cedar Point in Ohio – The Gemini!

One Sunday morning when the kids and I had a full schedule to sleep in and do absolutely nothing, hubby counter-offered, “We’re going to the water park! Today it’s half-off and the kids are half-off half-off!” Not one to miss a sweet deal, we were off.

I was amazed.  In 2012, there wasn’t even a grocery store in this area of Haiyang (Feng Chung, to be exact).  Now in June 2016, we have a full blown waterpark barely 3 miles away. Our daughter stood in amazement, as our son quickly ran to the gate to beat the crowds.

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao China ExpatBut he really didn’t have to.  Not much of a crowd.  “Where is everyone??!” They said it was a soft opening, their big rush will be more in July.

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao China Expat

Pricing: Ticket prices are normally 198rmb/person. But on that day, it was 99rmb/ adult ($16usd) and the kids were 50 rmb ($8usd),  total 297rmb ($48usd). Then the trusty sales guy offered us a Family Unlimited Card for 2 adults and 2 kids for the whole summer for a whopping 500 rmb ($81usd)! Totally worth it, especially when 1 entry at a pool in Qingdao costs almost 200rmb ($32usd) for just the kids and me.

Note, outside food and drinks (including water) are prohibited in the park.  You can’t even bring in food or drinks that are purchased directly outside the gate doors.  And the guards go through your bags when entering so I wouldn’t recommend sneaking anything in.  Fortunately, food and drinks in the park are ridiculously cheap.  I think a hot dog was 10 rmb and water was maybe 3 rmb.

When you enter, you are greeted by this massive chick structure.

Haiyang China Shandong Waterpark
If you could only see this little guy’s face.

Down these steps and to the right are lockers/changing /bathroom areas. You first go to the cashier, put a deposit of 200 rmb and then they give you a bracelet which automatically deducts 20 rmb for the lockers and anything else you buy at the park (food, drinks, floats, etc). At the end of the day you simply go back to the cashier, return the bracelet and receive your balance.   Locker rooms are pretty clean, but lacks benches to set your stuff on to change.

Now the fun part!

Waterpark Haiyang Qingdao Expat

Qingdao Expat Blog Haiyang Road trip China expat

Due to weight limitations, our kids were only allowed to go on these 2 small slides (green and blue).  A little disappointing, but they must have gone up and down these things a hundred times!

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat BlogSince there weren’t that many people (we may have been the only people), and after much convincing, persuading and promising that our kids can swim, they allowed them to try the red slide!  Soooo worth it!

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog

The staff was quite nice, helpful and ULTRA vigilant. At the beginning and end of every slide and ride, there is someone helping you get on and off.

There is another pool that is for younger kids.

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog

Not one to miss out in all the fun, hubby somehow convinced me to try out this guy, aka The Cobra!

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog
There we are!

You’re catapulted out of its neck and then slide up towards its mouth! What a rush!


Hubby coined this ride as The Human Suppository:

Haiyang Waterpark Qingdao Expat Blog

You walk up the 3 flights of stairs, enter into the enclosed slide (without the comfort of a float) and then the floor is pulled out from under you.  I will not be trying this one.

Waterpark version of the Corkscrew:

Qingdao Expat Blog - Haiyang Water park

I felt like I was skiing in this one:

Qingdao Expat Blog - Haiyang Water park

There are plenty more slides, rides, pools and simulated surfing options.  Will post more picts when we go back.  In the meantime, if you are up for a road trip from Qingdao or Yantai, definitely hit up the Haiyang waterpark.  It was such a great family day!

qingdao expat day trip waterpark haiyang families


Update:  Here is a link for waterpark in Haiyang address

If you are looking for an English speaking driver I can recommend Don at 136 8769 7428 or we chat ID ‘zhimengguanjia’.  He usually coordinates with one of his drivers to take you there.

Also we use Zhang a local driver in Haiyang.  He doesn’t speak English, but understands really bad Chinese and iTranslate since he works without a lot of foreigners.  His info is phone 13562555131 or wechat ID ‘zhang1356255131’.   The average charge for a day trip ranges from 700 rmb and up.

Haiyang waterpark address
Download or take a pict of this address and send it to the driver.
Haiyang waterpark address 2
This too, drivers should be able to figure out how to get there!

Hope this helps!

Have a fantastic summer!

Jacq from Qingdao Expat Survival Guide

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  1. Hi! I’ve just stumbled upon this post and would love to come here with my family. We live in QingDao but I can’t find any information about this place online? Do you know the address, name or more info about this place? Anything would be amazing, thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Maggie, Thanks for your comment. yes, I finally got more info on the location. Please see the update on the address above.

  2. Cool beans Jackie-O! I can’t even believe no one else was there! In South Florida it would be shoulder to shoulder! I enjoyed the play by play:)

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