Coffee fix! Coffee street Minjiang 2 Lu, Qingdao

Three words – BACK-TO-SCHOOL = 1 word – Wahhhoooooo!!!

Love love love them, but it’s so nice to have a little uninterrupted time to finally to sit back, relax and catch up with a friend.  And Qingdao’s coffee street, Minjiang 2 lu,  was a great place for a meet up.

Minjiang 2 lu is a quaint, tree-lined street with a handful of little boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Coffee street Qingdao 3

Does it get better than this?

Minjian 2 lu Qingdao 1

This “snow ice” is one of my favorite Chinese desserts.  An updated version of the ubiquitous American snow cone, but smoother with the look and feel of threaded cotton.  Add sugar, coconut milk, almond chips, and ohhhh boy!

Coffee street Qingdao i

You can find it here at Cafe Kona.

Coffee street Qingdao h


Coffee street Qingdao g

Coffee street Qingdao d
Great finds – cafes on Coffee Street (Minjiang er lu), Qingdao China

Coffee street Qingdao e

Think you just walked out onto Montana street in Santa Monica? Nope! This is Qingdao.

Coffee street Qingdao a

Coffee street Qingdao b

Coffee street Qingdao c  Coffee street Qingdao 9


Somewhat hidden, this is one serious tea shop.  They may skip over flair and fancy marketing, but once I got a whiff of their fragrant teas, I didn’t want to leave.

Tea shop on Coffee street Qingdao China

Coffee street Qingdao 6


Qingdao Coffee street

Had a pretty good plate of Speghetti carbonara at this restaurant, Hausbrand (sorry, no pict, I scarfed it down). Coffee street Qingdao 8

Coffee street Qingdao 2

Here’s the street:

Coffee street Qingdao 7

Coffee street Qingdao 4

Now wasn’t that better than going to Starbucks?

Jacq from Qingdao Expat Survival Guide


2 thoughts on “Coffee fix! Coffee street Minjiang 2 Lu, Qingdao

  1. OMG Jacq it looks so amazing and lovely there! I thought with the holes in the ground for toilet seats, that it was a much more primitive place! Did you move a third time, or has the area just grown on you? Can’t wait until we finally get to see each other again!!! Hey…check out our new house in utah!

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