Driver Don Dong- Qingdao, China


I refer to Driver Don frequently in my posts as he drives so many expats around.  He’s reliable, his English is excellent and he now gives tours around the Qingdao area for a  reasonable price.  I also appreciate that he has been a loyal committee member of the Qingdao Expat Charity for several years now.

Please note, with Don there are no frills attached.  He is up front, his texts are extremely to the point (meaning 1 -2 WORD answers) and when walking around with you he’ll actually be about 10 ft ahead of you (it’s not personal, he just walks super fast).  Also if you want only him as a driver, consider being clear about that because he may send one of his other reliable (though non-English speaking) drivers instead, especially if it’s a quick trip to go to Metro or the airport.  So please be specific on your needs.  But for me, just knowing he trusts those other drivers, I’m fine with it.  And if there is a translation problem or I need to make a detour, he is always a phone call away to explain it to them. So if you or anybody else needs a driver, Don is the man.

Cell Phone 13687697428

Wechat ID: zhimengguanjia

Wechat Qingdao tour group- Qingdao Tour and Shopping Group

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