Camp Cook-Kids Summer English Cooking Classes

CAMP COOK offers English cooking classes over the summer for children ages 6-12 years old.  Children learn how to create delicious sweets and savory dishes while practicing their English!

(烹饪夏令营)将在这个夏天为6 – 12 岁的孩子们提供 美式英语烹饪课程。他们将在学习制作美味甜 品和可口菜肴的同时, 学习英语知识,锻炼口语能力。

Cooking is a creative and fun way to take a child’s current knowledge of the English language and practice it outside of a textbook or classroom setting.  At Camp Cook, we cook western cuisine and our classes are instructed by an American teacher with an English-speaking Chinese assistant teacher.  We hold our classes in a relaxing, home setting in Laoshan district.

纯美式英语的烹饪课程,以一种充满创造力和乐趣的方式, 让同学们融合已有的英语基础和新学习的词汇,在生活化的场 景中练习口语。课程主题是西方美食,由主讲美国老师和一 名中国助教共同教授。课程将在崂山区一个轻松的家庭环境 中进行。

* Cinnamon Buns 肉桂面包,
* Italian Tomato Sauce, Homemade Pasta 意大利番茄酱和手工意大利面,
* Mexican Empanadas 墨西哥肉馅卷饼,
* French Apple Tart 法国苹果馅饼,
* Pizza 披萨,
* Chocolate Cake 巧克力蛋糕,
* Decorative Sugar Cookies 糖霜饼干

Course Settings & PRICING 课程设置 , 课程收费

Classes are Monday and Wednesday from 9am-12pm.
Classes start Monday, July 3rd through Friday, August 18th
Limit of 11 kids per class.
Cost is 400 rmb each class.  Buy a 10 class card for 3,500 rmb.
Multiple children sign up receive a 25% discount.
***Early bird sign up by June 15th, receives an additional 200 rmb off per child!

课程时间: 周一和周三上午9 – 12点。7月3日(周一)至8月18日(星期五)。


In English, contact Jacqueline
phone 137 925 46042
wechat ID: jacqfloro





中文请联系 小馨老师
电话: 186-1532-7590
微信号: congxin523

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