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hi there fellow Qingdao Expats and Visitors,

It’s been over 6 months since my last post, so I’m still here in Qingdao, trucking away. As with most people, life as an expat (or even not as an expat) gets super busy.  I’m back in the groove, and can never pass up an opportunity to check out the Qingdao art scene.

I wanted to get this post out ASAP as I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to the Yayoi Kusama & Takashi Murakami POP-UP art gallery this week, thanks to the RedStar Magazine. RedStar is a major resource for just about everything Qingdao. The REDSTAR wechat official account [wechat ID:  redstarqd] is pretty active with tons of new restaurants and upcoming events popping up daily.  If you have time to go to this POP-UP Gallery, HURRY! as it ends THIS Friday, May 4th.

It’s located on the 2nd floor in Hisense on Aomen lu [海信广场青岛店 hǎi xìn guǎng chǎng], tickets are 60 rmb and can be purchased right at the entrance.

Qingdao Things to do

Now I wouldn’t exactly say this is my cuppa brew, but can appreciate the wackiness of it.  You can read more about Yayoi Kusama & Takashi Murakami, here.  I wish I had time to bring my kiddies because they would have had a riot.  One way I can describe it is like an interactive-psychedelic-artsy-fun-house.

Art in Qingdao

You know how you other people say say, “SHooOOOT, I can TOTALLY do that at home.”  That may very well apply here, but..would you??? Would you WANT to?   I guess you can always kiss that rental deposit goodbye. You didn’t really think you were gonna get it back, didja? Art in Qingdao

If I only knew, I would have coordinated colors.  Bummer.

Visiting Qingdao with kids

I could have caught up on some much needed sleep in this Star Wars contraption.

Visiting Qingdao with kids


Qingdao Art Scene


Qingdao Art Scene RedStar Qingdao Magazine

It definitely lives up to the Pop Art phenomenon – rich, saturated , eye-opening colors, screaming Flower Power of the 60’s.

RedStar Qingdao Magazine

I walked out of there and couldn’t stop smiling.  Check it out if you can!

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