My Go-to-Girl for Massage-Qingdao, China

In my previous post about Chinese massage, I describe how a good weekly massage is the answer to a long, happy, youthful life.  I’ve tried other places (cheap and expensive), but my go to girl for massage for the last couple of years has been Shirley.  Based on where you are located, she comes to your home.  She communicates pretty well in English so if your Chinese isn’t great, you’re covered there on some level.

All you need to provide is a chair for her to sit on, a bed where you can lay down, a lot of blankets, towels and massage oils of your choice. Set up the room the way you would want so you can relax.

Since this is my chance to OMMMM out, I clean up the room before she arrives so there are no distractions.   I set up the bed so I lay on the bottom part of it, horizontally, so she can walk around.  I put several old sheets and a couple sarongs under me so if massage oil spills, it’s not big deal.  And since I’m always cold, I have 2 big blankets over me.  She will ask you to take off all your clothes, except your underwear (don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.)  From there, I throw on Spotify and zone out to the sultry sound of Sade.  BLIIIIISSSSSSSS

Shirley and I have gotten in our groove but initially it was a little hit ‘n miss.  A couple times she’d forgotten about our appointment (and so have I), or she’d arrive too early, too late or had to bring her kid over with her.  Other times her phone would buzzzzzz constantly and loudly during the massage.  And this isn’t unusual in China.  Standards for massages are far from what we are used to in the west, but we’re also paying a quarter or less of the price.  Some of my friends lost a bit of patience with her, but for me she was too good to let go.  In time, we figured it out like any other loving, mutually beneficial relationship.

A 90 minute massage as of today is 180 rmb for women, 190 rmb for men.  She may charge you a bit extra for travel depending on your location.  An absolute steal and a definite a perk while living here in Qingdao, China!  Give her a try if you are in need of a good massage.


Shirley Wechat ID: slhxhb, phone 13145327303

Disclaimer:  I don’t make a red cent or kuai on my recommendations, I just like sharing info as a fellow expat. 


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