Camp Cook-Kids Summer English Cooking Classes

CAMP COOK offers English cooking classes over the summer for children ages 6-12 years old.  Children learn how to create delicious sweets and savory dishes while practicing their English!

(烹饪夏令营)将在这个夏天为6 – 12 岁的孩子们提供 美式英语烹饪课程。他们将在学习制作美味甜 品和可口菜肴的同时, 学习英语知识,锻炼口语能力。 Continue reading “Camp Cook-Kids Summer English Cooking Classes”

Stroll on Huangxian Lu, Qingdao China

It’s finally MAY with blue skies, warm temperatures, and minimal pollution!  T-minus 28 days ‘til the kids are outta school and my fellow Ohio-ian abandons me (and Qingdao) to go back to the states (sniff..sniff).  Before I get all melancholy, we still got plenty of stuff to explore in Qingdao.

We’ve made our way out to west Qingdao, off of Daxue Lu.  The last time we were in this area,  we visited contemporary exhibitions at the Qingdao Art Museum.  Today, we took advantage strolling around Huangxian lu, an artsy, bubbly area in Qingdao. Continue reading “Stroll on Huangxian Lu, Qingdao China”

Zhanshan temple – Places to visit Qingdao China

Zhanshan temple things to do Qingdao ChinaLeaving behind the sparkling high rises, traffic-packed streets, and the frenetic energy of downtown Qingdao, we walked down a solemn cobblestone path towards inner peace.  With mid-December temperatures falling, the charcoal sky felt tragic and misty.  Behind the worn out streets and shivering cracked buildings, Zhanshan Temple gently came out to greet us.   Continue reading “Zhanshan temple – Places to visit Qingdao China”