Ni Hao! Qingdao

Welcome to Qingdao China

New to Qingdao or China for that matter?  Newbie Expat? Scared, lonely, confused?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone!  Read these first:

Where is Qingdao? And how do you say it?

Expat Life: Leaving life as you know it

Made in China: Everything is Made in China, Why bring anything back?

36 tips for new Qingdao Expats

Finding an Ayie (cleaning lady) in China

Getting around in Qingdao – Uber guide

Help me! I can’t understand this language! Qingdao Chinese teacher

Qingdao Resources

Taobao for all of us – Baopals Review

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Chinese laughing

Shopping in Qingdao:

Shopping in Qingdao – The Ceramic Guy Under the Stairs

Jimo Lu – Qingdao Fake Market

Qingdao Fruit and Veggie Market


Things to see and do in Qingdao:

Huadong Winery in Laoshan, Qingdao

Art Street – 100 Creative Space

Great Sushi at Raki Qingdao

Qingdao Yinhai Waterfront– Morning walks

March 26th – Havana Night Charity Event

Qingdao Meet Ups


Day Trips out of Qingdao:

We’re not in Qingdao anymore – Life in Haiyang

So this is a real Farmers Market, Haiyang

A waterpark next door, Haiyang China


Random Stuff!

The Crazy Stuff You See in Qingdao!

Got the scoop on Qingdao? Please contribute!



Qingdao Mix C mall Spring Festivalc
Qingdao Mix C Mall during Spring Festival 2016