I got the &@#% Slapped Of Me, Chinese Slapping Massage

Unlike in the States where we’ve learned to be more accepting of different body types, in China commenting on someone’s weight isn’t unusual. My Chinese friends explained that these unsolicited “observations” weren’t necessarily an insult or to be intentionally rude. Nonetheless, as an American in China for 9 years, it’s a cultural difference I never understood but begrudgingly tolerated.

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My Go-to-Girl for Massage-Qingdao, China

In my previous post about Chinese massage, I describe how a good weekly massage is the answer to a long, happy, youthful life.  I’ve tried other places (cheap and expensive), but my go to girl for massage for the last couple of years has been Shirley.  Based on where you are located, she comes to your home.  She communicates pretty well in English so if your Chinese isn’t great, you’re covered there on some level.

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Chinese Massage – Things to do in Qingdao

Despite the Magellans, Marco Polos and Ponce de Leons before me, I have discovered the elusive FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, a miracle source that heals and cures all pain and suffering. Wanna here about it?  YOU WILL, but first let me tell YOU about this exclusive business opportunity and the special benefits that YOU and YOUR LOVE ONES can receive in this multi-billion dollar industry!

Hullo?  Are still there? 

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