Camp Cook-Kids Summer English Cooking Classes

CAMP COOK offers English cooking classes over the summer for children ages 6-12 years old.  Children learn how to create delicious sweets and savory dishes while practicing their English!

(烹饪夏令营)将在这个夏天为6 – 12 岁的孩子们提供 美式英语烹饪课程。他们将在学习制作美味甜 品和可口菜肴的同时, 学习英语知识,锻炼口语能力。 Continue reading “Camp Cook-Kids Summer English Cooking Classes”

Qingdao Art Museum – Qingdao Expat

An advertising company for the Qingdao Municipal Tourism board asked to take me around on a little tour so I can promote the great city of Qingdao on my blog for China expats and English speaking tourists traveling to Shandong Province.  Heck, someone wants to send a driver, usher me around the city, buy me lunch, translate and interpret my inquiries while dodging language barrier issues – COUNT ME IN! So we set off to the Old Town, Daxue Lu.

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My Country? US Election Far From Home, Qingdao Expat China

I typically make this blog about discoveries I find in Qingdao or about life as an expat in China.  I try to avoid anything too personal and stick with more of the general ups and downs on life as an expat, as a mother, and as a wife, so others can laugh (or cry) at my stories, mistakes, misunderstandings,  and all those little triumphs in between.

Qingdao skyline
Qingdao skyline

But today, I can’t avoid talking about “it”.  It’s November 9, 2016, and today was my country’s election.  It’s weird to say “my country”  because I haven’t lived in the US in over 7 years for hubby’s work.  Living in China for this long, you just learn to get by, go with the flow and appreciate the good and try to ignore the bad.  But there has always been that silver lining…someday we would leave and go back.  Back to the familiar, back to loved ones, back to my Cracker Barrel, Hot Dog Heaven and Trader Joes – everything we consider home.  It has always been that light at the end of this long and windy tunnel of living on the other side of the world.  Life in China, away from friends and family, has been longer than expected but always temporary.  We’ll go home… one day. Continue reading “My Country? US Election Far From Home, Qingdao Expat China”